Russian Freestyle Games. Invitation


Раздел для российских тренеров, спортсменов, специалистов и заинтересованных лиц.

Для получения пароля свяжитесь с администратором сайта и предоставьте следующие данные:

Место работы
Контактный телефон
Электронная почта

Информация для доступа (логин и пароль) будет выслана на ваш электронный адрес в течение суток.

Russian Freestyle Games. Invitation

Russian Freestyle Games. Invitation
25.04.2017 23:22:00

Slopestyle: Saturday, May 27, 2017

Ski cross & Big Air: Sunday, May 27 - 28, 2017

Freestyle Federation of Russia is pleased to invite all freestyle ski friends to take part in THIRD RUSSIAN FREESTYLE GAMES in Elbrus, Kabardino-Balkaria Republic, Russia.

The competitions are conducted under the rules and regulations for freestyle skiing competitions of the International Ski Federation (ICR). We`re glad to see everyone.


Event Manager Aleksander Dolgov

Freestyle Operation Manager Michael Nosov

Chief of Competition Evgeniy Vorona

TD of Competition Ivan Znameskiy

Chief of Ski cross Vecheslav Ilysheko

Chief of Slopestyle and Big Air Vitaliy Soldatov

Competition Headquarters Manager Dariy Pomazan

Accommodation Manager Leyla Konakova

2.         ENTRIES

All entries are to be submitted to Michael Nosov: no later than May 22, 2017.

You may use the standard FIS Entry Form published on the FIS website. 

3.         VISA SUPPORT

All questions regarding visa support are to be addressed via email:


Registration of participants will take place on May 24, 2017 from 12:00 to 20:00 at the Race Office located at "Ozon Grand" hotel, Tegenekli. All participants should have a national passport with.


All participants and guests will be provided the following range of services:

• Accommodation (full board) at Ozon Grand hotels;

• Sports facilities of "Ozon Grand ";

• Wellness area (sauna, hammam, swimming pool, jacuzzi);

• Daily lift ticket.

The costs are 3 000 rubles per person per day (including also airport and on site transfers). All payments on site are to be made in local currency (Russian rubles) in cash or by bank card upon arrival. Currency exchange services will be available at the airport of arrival and in the city.

For accommodation contact please accommodation manager.


Phone: 007 928723 2836


The Organizing Committee will provide airport transfer ("Mineral Water" or "Nalchick", round trip) and on site transportation (hotel-Elbrus-hotel) during competition and training days.

For airport transfer booking contact please accommodation manager.


Phone: 007 928723 2836


In the case of accidents on courses during the event, medical personnel from the Organizing Committee and Ski Patrol personnel will be responsible for any medical decision or evacuation to the local hospital in co-operation with the National Associations’ medical personnel identified on the entry form.


All athletes, officials and other participants, who attend the event and participate in the competitions, shall do so at their own risk. The Organizing Committee, the Freestyle Federation of Russia and the alpine resort shall not be responsible for any loss or injuries occurred or suffered by any athlete or other person, in accordance with the organization or standing of the event. Every competitor must have his/her own medical insurance. The Organizers decline any responsibility for accidents, damaged equipment and second and third party claims during the competitions. All athletes must have previously signed "FIS Athletes Declaration" form, in order to be registered.

9.         SKI STORAGE

Storage of skis and grooming equipment, as well as waxing of skis, are only allowed in special area provided by hotel.

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